Thread Downloader

How to Use Thread Media Saver

The Thread Media Saver is an exceptional service that allows you to effortlessly and freely download videos or music or audio from the Meta Thread. You don’t deserve to go through the inconvenience of installing extra software or searching for online video download services. And you don’t need to miss that video, audio, or picture that you want to save.

With Thread Media Saver, you can easily download videos, images, or audios from Thread. If you’re downloading an audio, just paste the URL in the audio space and click on the Download button. If you want to download a video file, click paste on the video box and click on the Download button at the end of the box.

You can also download our mobile app for Android and IOS.

How It Works

On Thread, click on the Share icon. It is the small icon that looks like a kite on the extreme right. You can see it encircled in green in the image beside this text.


Click On The Copy Link Line

On Thread, click on the Copy Link line encircled by green to copy the link to the image, text, or video


Click On The 'Share Via' Line

If you want to use our mobile app to download instead of our website, click on the section encircled with green or the arrow-up icon.